Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smooth Skin Tips

Smooth Skin Tips
Wrinkles.  Sooner or later we all get them.  The extent to which we get them is caused by two major factors; the genes we inherit from our parents, and environmental factors — caused by what we do to ourselves.

Aging caused by the genes we inherit is known as intrinsic or internal aging and is a continuous process that starts almost as soon as we reach the peak of adult-hood.  In our mid to late twenties our bodies start slowing the production of collagen and elastin.  Our dead skin cells don’t slough off quite as readily and the production of new skin cells is not quite as efficient. Even though this process begins relatively early, we don’t see the effect until decades later. Which is why it is so important to establish a good skin care regimen early in life.

Some of the signs we begin to see are:

    * Thin, transparent skin
    * Fine wrinkles
    * Loss of underlying fat which contribute to the hollow look and dark circles under the eyes
    * Dry, itchy skin
    * Graying hair
    * Sagging skin

Our genetic make-up determines how rapidly this normal aging process proceeds.   Some of us get gray hair in our late twenties and thirties, others don’t see it until late forties or fifties.

Aging caused by environmental factors is called extrinsic or external aging. The number one cause of external aging is the harmful exposure to the sun. Many of us in over forty grew up trying to get tan.  We’d be in the sun for hours with little protection and our skin has begun to show the ravages of no SPF.

Other external factors are our habitual facial expressions including squinting, frowning, laughing and smiling. Additionally, the position in which we sleep has an affect on how and where wrinkles form on our faces and chests. Other important factors in external aging is smoking, gravity and diet