Friday, October 21, 2011

Simple Makeup Tips

Simple Makeup Tips
Life is too fast and the technology has increased the speed of time even faster. Young women of today work equivalently like men and are more committed, both at workplace and home. Unfortunately, the workplace of maximum women is too far from their residence and they have to spend hours on traveling due to which they hardly get time to get ready.  For such women we have some simple and quick make up tips which can be done even when they are on their way to office. Take a look.

Simple Make Up Tips -

These simple make up tips will help women in building their confidence levels at workplace, sets attitude and speeds up the daily routine work.

    * The first step would be the application of moisturizer. The soothing lotion needs to be applied right after the bath. This provides the drained out moisture to skin and prevents dry flaky skin.
    * Apply a light colored lip balm after bath to prevent chapping of lips.
    * You can use a concealer or a foundation to cover all the blemishes, age spots and dark eye circles. Blend the foundation on skin with fingertips so that the color tone is even.
    * Use a compact powder to keep the foundation and concealer longer. Dab the powder on nose, chin and neck as these are the places that sweat more.
    * Use an eyeliner pencil to highlight your eyes. Apply a thin line on the lower lid and upper lid to brighten up your beautiful eyes.