Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looking Younger Naturally

Looking Younger Naturally
Do you feel like your face is losing that attractive charm that once used to make you event stopper for the night? Do you feel that wrinkles and sagging skin is overshadowing the spark that used to light you from within? Worry no more. Don’t let your age get onto you and try out the given secrets that can turn around the clock for you and make you look younger naturally all over again:

1. Stress-management – Too much of stress can become the reason for premature ageing. This can be prevented by taking a break from work and family problems and going out on a vacation. Spend some quality time with your friends and family. Reading a book, listening to some mellifluous music, dance, scribbling are different kinds of stress busters that most people resort to. Know what works for you and get started with it to ward off stress.

2. Detoxify – There are innumerable toxins around us, from the food we eat to the air we breathe, they are present everywhere. Adding a good detox program into your schedule on a regular basis, say once every month is useful not only to relieve you from stress but it also flushes out the toxins that we inhale or consume.

3. Metabolism - As we grow old, our metabolism begins to slow down. As a result, our body’s capacity to burn calories reduces with time. Calories that were earlier necessary to comply with our everyday energy needs, now gets stored in the form of fat. It is thereby imperative that as we age, our diets should contain a minimum of processed foods and maximum of foods that have high level of antioxidants such as vegetables and fresh fruits.

4. Smoking is prohibited – Elastin that is required for the elasticity and strength of the skin is reduced to a great extent by smoking. Collagen is also damaged by smoking. So, if you wish to keep away wrinkles and sagging of your skin, you must learn to stay away from smoking.

5. Beauty sleep – Nothing works better than a sound sleep of 8 hours everyday. A good sleep gives an opportunity to the body and skin to revive itself of all the stress you have undergone throughout the day and helps you avert circles and bags below your eyes.