Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lilac Lipstick

Lilac Lipstick
Although this isn't exactly cheap for a drugstore brand, it performs as well as high end lipsticks. Rich, smooth texture, admirable staying power, but the best quality is the super-saturated pigmentation. There is just so

much color, making a little go a long way. It wears evenly, avoiding the dreaded lip outline, and blotting when applying makes it last even longer. My only complaint is the rounded, paddle shape of the lipstick. Due to the defined shape of my lips, I prefer lipsticks with a sharp point to allow for accuracy. I can work with this one, it's just not as easy to apply in a hurry. I really love the color swatch on the lid, making selecting the shade I'm after much easier than trying to read a label.
This particular shade is a pretty light purplish mauve. The name lilac implies a blue-toned lavender, but while definitely in the cool color family, this leans more toward pink. I have very fair skin and dark hair, so this light of a shade doesn't work well for everyday. But it looks fabulous with a dark plum or classic chestnut eye.

I picked this up at CVS during their clearance sale. I honestly didn't look it up before I bought it, just decided for the price is was worth it to add to my collection. I have swatched it and played with it and was never super impressed, it was a gorgeous color..Just didn't work for me! I had brought some b2mac stuff back today and picked up two lipsticks, one being MACs Syrup. I was looking and it and it reminded me of this, so I went into my collection and pulled it out. Side by side they look identical, and swatched they almost look identical (Revlon's pulls a little more purpleish) I tried them on and Lilac is a little bit brighter then Syrup, but still close enough. So if anyone is looking for a cheaper alternative to MACs Syrup try this out! I definitely have come to love this a little more now!

With such good reviews I didn't hesitate to snag this up at CVS on clearance, but I just can't pull this color off whatsoever. From looking at the pictures it looks more bright pinky/purpley and mine doesnt. My tube and the color pay off is similar to the first three pictures posted, except even more frosty/glitterly and way more of a wierd purpley color, not really muavey at all. It brings back memories of those cheap ugly colors they throw into little girl makeup kits. I think if you are darker, or more medium toned this would likely look good on you. For reference I am somewhere between NC10 and NC15, blonde hair, blue eyes, medium pigmented lips.