Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair Beauty Tips

Hair Beauty Tips
I love the little small braid, and then my hair is not too done,” Kourtney, 32, tells me of her beach look during a John Frieda Destination Style salon event in NYC. “It’s about the texture. It’s that undone look, which I love. I hate when my hair looks too perfect – it’s like my pet peeve. Unless it’s like a slicked-up bun – well, if it’s a slicked-up bun, that needs to be perfect - but otherwise I like it to look messy. It’s beachy hair.”

Khloe, 26, tells me, “That’s how I am. When I’m in the sun, I don’t like my hair up, really, in general. It’s so much easier to have it pulled off your face, but I don’t feel sexy. I mean, she looks ‘to die’ like that, so I do love having my hair long and beachy, and having a soft wave.”

She adds, “I feel like braids are very beach chic – I have no idea if that’s a word – but putting in braids is the easiest thing. Even having a tiny braid, like my little sisters do. It doesn’t pull back your hair, but having them throughout your hair makes you look beautiful and funky - even though you didn’t try. Like, I used to do that in class, when I was in school, I’d do one of my braids, and you’d look that much cooler. [laughs]”

For summer style, Kourtney says “it’s all about bright colors.”

Kourtney and Khloe call coral, turquoise and yellow their favorite seasonal shades.

And when it comes to makeup, Khloe has her summer selects.