Friday, October 21, 2011

Face Makeup Tips

Face Makeup Tips
Foundation is the base of make-up. With the help of right selected and accurate applied foundation you can hide roughnesses, spots, pimples, irritated area of the skin. Light liquid foundation contains a lot of oil and moisture that is useful for dry and normal skin. Compact foundation is suitable for oily skin and hides skin imperfections excellently. There are foundations for combined skin and sensitive skin with calming effects. You should use only quality cosmetic of wide known firms, the products of which are indicated with release date and serviceable life.

Always apply foundation that suits your natural skin colour. If your face's natural colour is light, avoid any dark foundation colour. If you have any blemishes on your face, avoid any pink tints (pink colour emphasize a blemishes).

1. Cleanse your face, and apply moisture cream on the face and throat. Let the cream be absorb by the skin for 3 - 5 minute. If your skin is oily or combined (some areas oily, some dry) put the tissue on the oily areas of your face (for example nose, chin, forehead).

2. Apply the foundation: dot small amount of it on the forehead, blend evenly with fingertips, then do the same with the cheeks, nose and chin. Don't apply too much or too little of foundation (it looks untidy).

3. Cover small pimple and red spots with concealer or cream.

4. Follow with Your favourite loose or pressed powder (translucent loose powder for normal-to-oily skin and pressed powder for normal-to-dry skin). For better result use large powder brush. The powder must be the same tint that foundation is.


Blush is important part of make-up. With the help of an accurate applied blush you can refresh your face, make it looking much better and healthier and to model the form of your face. To do blush looking naturally, you should put it on enough, but not too much and please do not choice exotic colours.


The colour of blush must match the skin, hair colour, lipstick and nail polish colour also. Palette of beige and pink tints is appropriate almost to everybody. All tints of beige and pink are suitable to light skin, more dark tints (coppery and coral colours) are suitable to brown sunburned skin. Orange tints are suitable to red-haired women.

Types of blush

There are several types of a blush; most popular are powder blush and creamy blush. Creamy blush more suits for dry skin. It's better to apply with your fingertips. If you use powder blush, apply it after powder, but creamy blush, it's better to apply before powder.