Friday, October 21, 2011

Face Makeup Ideas

Face Makeup Ideas
Witches are another popular choice for Halloween and can be changed in entirety with just a few makeup ideas. Although a classic green-painted witch will always be a perennial favorite, you can go classy, mythical or sexy if you'd like.

If you'd like to look more majestic and magical, try pairing your costume with silver details and glitter. Pale white eye shadow looks ethereal when teamed up with a silver eyeliner, pale cheeks, and a pearlescent lipstick.

For a classic witch, stay away from colored makeup and add years to your age with heavy foundation, powders, even faux darkened wrinkles created with dark eye shadow. A sexy witch is bound to brew up some trouble when she flaunts a sexy cat eye and siren red lips. For inspiration, channel your inner witch and create your own look!

In addition to witches, fairies are another popular and mythical choice for Halloween. There are plenty of different fairy looks that are easy to create. Consider opting for a colored wig and coordinate your makeup palette to match. With sparkle glitter, adhesive decals, and pearlescent lips, you can easily morph into a woodland fairy or playful elf!
Clown or Mime

Although not as popular as some of the other classic face makeup ideas for Halloween, a clown or a mime is an easy to create costume requiring little more than a few basic clothing choices and some creative makeup.

    * Start by applying a heavy duty theatrical white face paint.
    * For a clown, add bright hued triangles around the eyes and color your nose red.
    * For a mime, add black triangles around the eyes or paint small teardrops on the corner of the cheekbones.

Mimes and clowns can also go the creepy route with small details such as painted-on stitches, dripping blood, and outlined eerie smiles.
Where to Find Inspiration

Costume shops are the best place to find inspiration when Halloween rolls around. Shop early for the best costume selection, and check out the stock photograph that's included with each costume design.

While some designs take the innocent route, keep in mind any costume can be made horrific or sweet depending on the small details and accessories. With advanced planning and a bit of inspiration, you can create a party face that compliments your costume while expressing your artful creativity and spirit!