Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebrity Beauty Tips

Celebrity Beauty Tips
They always look beautiful on the red carpet, but celebrities don't wake up that way in the morning. In fact, some candid shots of celebrities without make-up look almost unrecognizable!

So how do they do it? On many occasions they have a collection of make-up artists and stylists to help, but much of the time they have to do it themselves. These celebrity beauty tips show us the home remedies that they have learned.

Of course, everyone is different, and our individual complexions and bodies require treatments that are designed with them in mind. One of the tricks to staying beautiful is to do exactly what these celebrities have done - find the beauty secrets that suit you.

The star of Shakespeare in Love, 36, swears by fresh organic food to keep her complexion glowing. She also drinks lots of water and regularly wears sunscreen outside to protect her skin.

One celebrity beauty tip from Gwyneth that you may not have have heard before - before Apple's birth, she found that taking prenatal vitamins was the best thing for her hair, so she still does it!

According to Gwyneth, "It doesn't matter if you are pregnant, I swear to God. I have double-processed blond hair, and it's so long and not damaged.

How does the Welsh actress, 38 this year, stay beautiful for her husband Michael Douglas? Catherine's grandmother passed on a variety of home remedies that she still uses on a daily basis.

To keep that perfect smile, she brushes her teeth with mashed-up strawberries. Strawberries contain Malic Acid, which acts as a mild astringent when mixed with baking soda.