Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How To Shave Your Legs

How To Shave Your Legs 
Many of us have dread of exposure of those parts of our body which remained covered throughout the winter and we not care for them as legs, arms and bikini areas. The hairs on these parts are not liked by anyone. So there are different methods to remove the hairs. One amongst them is shaving them with razor.

Here are some tips to shave with the razor:

1. Choose the best razor, it is more convenient to use the electric razor, if you have to use the conventional razor, replace the disposable blades often. While using the conventional razor be slow and do extra care. It is not advised to use the straight blade razor.
2. Use the sharp blades and worn out blades are replaced before going to shave. Dull blades pull hair and there will be the risk of in growing hairs.
3. If the hairs are long then first to clip them or to cut them with scissors.
4. Soak the part from where the hairs are to be removed in warm water a t least for three minutes, it will make the hair soft and the hair follicles open and the roots to be pulled out easily.
5. Hair conditioner may be used to soften the hairs especially the coarse hairs, just let in for some time and then rinsed before shaving.
6. Apply the shaving cream thick coat on the hairs and spread it on the whole area to make the lather.
7. Pull the skin by one hand and use the other hand for razor, not to apply pressure to the razor.
8. Now start to shave in the direction of the hair growth, some do in the direction opposite to the hair growth but this may be used if the hairs are soaked well and the gel or he shaving cream is properly used, other wise there may be the risk of in growing hairs, In case of electric shavers the back and froth application is performed or may be according to the instructions.
9. Long upward strokes are best for legs.
10. Rinse the blades frequently while shaving. Otherwise the hairs on the blades interfere the process.