Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ford's Evos concept is the cloud-connected hybrid EV of our future

 Not ready for the future? Too bad, it's here -- well, at least in concept form. Debuting soon at Frankfurt's international auto show is Ford's Evos, a cloud-connected hybrid EV that serves as a preview of the kinds of smart and hyper-connected vehicles Dearborn eventually wants to build. Details on what powers it are scant, but we do know it'll rock the gasoline-electric drivetrain from the upcoming C-Max Energi. And when you've exhausted the combined 500 mile range, you can top up that lithium-ion pack by plugging in or wirelessly through inductive charging.

With gratuitous access to data you've slung into the cloud, the Evos is deeply intertwined with your daily routine. It'll change your alarm clock if your morning meeting is canceled, continue music playback from other devices where you've left off and even suggest alternative routes based on your schedule and past driving history. Oh and it'll monitor your heart rate too. Don't believe us? Proof of that and more reside in the video after the break, which'll hopefully tide you over til September -- when we get to see if it lives up to the hype in person.