Sunday, October 24, 2010


GTR r35 2012 r36

This photo, snapped at the Nurburgring show that Nissan has made some changes to its hero GT-R for 2012. There’s been some revision to the front, with the grille now looking more horizontal. And around the back they’ve restyled the bumper and diffuser and reshaped the flares behind the wheels. It’s likely the cosmetic changes will be applied to both the Spec-M and the hotter-handling Spec-V variants. Nissan has already hinted last year that the Spec-M interior will be softened and luxed-up a little to give it a more premium feel. But the engine is tipped to stay with the current outputs of 353kW of power and 590Nm of torque. There’s no official word on when the new Nissan GT-R will be unveiled, but there’s money on it being at Paris motor show in October.